C-ups Cafe & Sports Bar

cafe bar

casual restaurant
dining restaurant
bar, club
commercial complex


■C-ups Cafe & Sports Bar

バレーボールチーム「姫路ヴィクトリーナ」が運営するスポーツバー。複合施設内映画館と同フロアに位置することから、映画館からの日中の利用客も鑑み、昼間はカフェとして営業することとなった。カフェとバー、どちらの業態にも対応できる空間が求められた。 昼間のカフェ利用客が入りやすいよう、共用部に面する外装を全てガラス張りとし、プライバシー確保のためグラデーションフィルムを施工。バーカウンター背面とホール天井には水面のように波打つステンレス板を配置。人の動きやモニターの画像などを反射し、空間に動きを与える。

 -The Wavy Stillness-

The Wavy Stillness is a hospitality establishment compromising a café and a sports bar in one single space. Located on the fourth floor of a mixed-use building and taking place right in front of a movie theatre, the space is compelled to combine two rather different atmospheres: café by day, and a sports bar by the evening. This combination, add to the hint of luxury service the establishment is providing, generates a hybrid space that can fulfill both modes by simply adjusting lighting brightness. Both sides facing the movie theatre and the elevator hall are glazed revealing the general atmosphere and showcasing the bar counter. The wall behind the counter is covered in a wavy three-dimensional stainless-steel sheet creating a dynamic reflection that changes according to the viewer’s angle, while golden slit running along the wall is used as the bar shelf. Furthermore, in contemplation of hosting Sports public viewing events, 21 screens have been arranged in 4 different combinations perceptible within and from outside the space.