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移転先に選んだのは築36年を経過したビル。入居前の環境は、一般的な事務所規格の内装で、均一に仕上げられ圧迫感を与えていた。 デザインをするにあたり、まず建築そのものの素地を露(あらわ)にし、経年変化が生んだ時勢の魅力と、仕上げられている表層の裏側にある、空間の広がりを最大に引き出した。 新たに構成する素材は、その風合いに合う表情が豊かなものを選定した。



Sojitz REIT Advisors K.K. is an asset management company for NIPPON REIT Investment Corporation(NRT), a listed Real Estate Investment Trust(REIT) on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The new address for its relocation is a 36 year old building. The interiors, built to standard office specifications, had been designed in a uniform manner, and gave off an oppressive feel.

In conducting the design, we first tore down the construction to expose the basic architecture, and worked to maximize the appealing qualities that time had lent to the structure, as well as the expansive space hidden in the original finishings. Materials used in the new construction were selected for their compatibility with that texture and for their ample expressiveness. The space has become the embodiment of CANUCH's knowhow in "maximizing a space's inherent potential". For the layout, we created a spread out working space, which would stimulate communication, by positioning a collaboration area within the line of flow from the visitors' zone to the office area, and enclosing it in glass, enabling it to be viewable from the work area. By embedding plants in the walls, the greenery can be felt even from the work areas. At the end of the zone is a Japanese-style room.

A design which evokes the scenery of a tree-lined street, and a sunken "kotatsu" seating arrangement encourages a refreshing change of mood.The elevator hall's stone walls and other elements signify the company's policy of investment in a wide variety of properties large and small. This relocation project was undertaken with the concept of creating an office that "draws out a charm not found in new buildings, through planning and functional design". Sojitz Reit Advisors promotes improving the appeal and value even of the buildings it owns, as it is tied to expressing what the company can achieve.