KLOS コイズミ照明オペレーションスタジオ

showroom, office

office, school


A showroom offering LED lighting solutions locates on the 12th floor of a high-rise building in Umeda district, Osaka. With windows on three sides, the location enjoys natural sunlight, and the design plan capitalises on this feature.

Lighting showrooms typically shut out natural sunlight to emphasise the light coming from lighting equipment. Natural light, however, is essential to human beings’ lives. We secure light in our daily lives, and light plays a key role in maintaining biological rhythms and other aspects of health. Effective use of light also helps saving of energy.
When there is not enough natural light, people turn on the lights to make up for it. We wanted to create a space that allows visitors to experience their ‘relationship with the natural light people taken for granted in their daily lives’ throughout the entire showroom.

First, we installed fabric that was highly transparent like mist to softly partition the space into four sections and incrementally adjust the level of natural light throughout the entire space.
The natural light is strongest by the windows and penetrates less and less in the space interior. Here, artificial light from equipment offers stronger light. We took advantage of this to change the quality of the light in phases and give the space four “layers” of light.

By reinterpreting the fundamental concept of light, we have created a space that expresses the lighting manufacturer’s commitment and beliefs about light throughout the entire showroom. At the same time, we have created a new style of showroom that explicitly communicates the manufacturer’s identity.